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The resource file is not valid. Overwrite with a new empty one?

Sometimes users will see this message during HI-IQ startup everytime they log on:

There could potentially be several causes to this message.

The most common being:

-The user doesn't have proper rights to update the foxuser.dbf and/or foxuser.fpt files found in the HI-IQ root install directory on the local workstation

-To fix: ensure that every user that logs onto the Windows machine is in a proper group with the proper permissions set for the install folder, as shown below:


If the above has been thouroughly tested and in fact the permissions are properly set, you may then try the following:

-DELETE ALL files found on the workstations as well as within the HI-IQ database folder that meet this criteria (don't worry, if the permissions are set properly the files will be recreated when a user logs on):

hiiquser.* and foxuser.*

See sample search results below:

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